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Vaccine Information

As Purely Pediatrics does not bill your insurance company, we have a wonderful option available to families wishing to use their insurance plan for the cost of immunizations. If you would like to utilize your insurance coverage for immunizations, The Department of Health of Niagara County can efficiently administer and bill your insurance company for vaccination administration.  It will be necessary to contact them with regard to your personal insurance plan and possible coverage. Unfortunately, not every insurance plan may provide coverage for immunizations. We have partnered with the Department of Health of Niagara County to provide vaccinations for our families at their facility for those wishing to pursue this option. 


The Department of Health has many vaccination options available to our families. Families from Erie County can also receive vaccinations from the Department of Health in Niagara County, although a $20 fee per visit will be billed by the Department of Health.  




NIAGARA FALLS SITE: Trott Access Center  1001-Eleventh St Niagara Falls, NY 

LOCKPORT SITE: Trinity Lutheran Church 67 Saxton St at LeGrange Lockport, NY

If you prefer to have vaccines administered at Purely Pediatrics, we can order and administer them as well.  As we are a small medical clinic stepping away from the insurance model, there will be a fee associated with receiving the vaccinations at our clinic. We are not able to bill your insurance for the vaccinations administered at our office, but we are able to offer single or combination immunizations depending upon the specific immunization.


We will explore the best available options for purchase of the immunizations, as we attempt to keep the cost as low as possible. We will work together to make this option work for you.  We have been able to provide many vaccinations to our families at a low cost. We have a price list that we can provide for you upon request. 

We will accept families who choose not to vaccinate or who wish to follow a delayed immunization schedule. Although full vaccination is always encouraged, we would like to respect the choices of our membership families and will always be happy to discuss questions or concerns regarding vaccinations.  

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