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Children’s Physician Serving Buffalo, NY Families

Buffalo is located in Erie County, New York, and it’s the second largest city in New York State. According to the United States Census the population was 261,452 in 2010. The area is home to a number of private and public schools. There are 78 public schools and 47 private schools in the city. If your child attends the Buffalo school system or is home-schooled, then it is important that they visit the doctor once a year.

Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors

Many residents of the greater Buffalo area have been here for generations. The area gained prominence during the golden age of industrialization in the early-to-mid 20th century, but fell into disrepair as the economy shifted to service-based industries over manufacturing. However, many Buffalonians remember the old steel factory and other industrial properties; in fact, many of them - or their parents - made their careers there! Today, Buffalo remains a town made up of families and longstanding groups of friends. Even people who grew up here and moved away love to come back to visit, especially now that the city is seeing a revival. If you have decided to raise your family here, you can find some of the best schools in the state right here in Western New York. Our staff is here to help you make sure your children grow up strong and healthy.


Please Call Our Pediatric Office in Buffalo, NY for Infant Care, Pediatric Medical Care, & More

Purely Pediatrics is an integrative children’s physician serving the Buffalo, NY area. We provide infant care, pediatric medical care and much more. We want to see your child grow up healthy just as you do. It is key that your child has a doctor that cares about their well being. Our integrative children's physician will also be able to provide you with a number of tips for giving your son or daughter the best infant care at home as well. Please contact Purely Pediatrics to learn more about our pediatric office.



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