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Pediatric Medical Care for Lewiston, NY

Lewiston, NY is a town in Niagara County. The town and the village in it are named after Morgan Lewis, a former New York governor. It is bordered to the south by the city of Niagara Falls and the Niagara River forms the border to the west. There are several attractions in the area that bring people to the area such as Devil’s Hole State Park, Artpark Amphitheater, and the Lewiston Reservoir. The town is currently home to about 16,000 people, of which 21% are under the age of 18.


The health of our children is the most important thing. We all love and care about our children. To keep them healthy, they need regular healthcare visits with their primary care doctor. Things such as annual physical exams, vaccinations, and disease screening are necessary to protect the health of our children. Our pediatric medical care team provides all these services & more.

Contact Our Integrative Children’s Physician Today!

At Purely Pediatrics, we provide integrative infant care and pediatric medical services to the Lewiston, NY area. The health of our children is of the utmost importance and the best way to keep them healthy is by visiting their general physician. We specialize in integrative infant and adolescent medical care. Our services include annual physical exams, vaccines, health screenings, and more. Contact us today to learn more!

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