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Integrative Adolescent & Infant Care Services for Buffalo, Lewiston & the Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for infant care services in the Lewiston, NY, and Buffalo, NY areas? Look no further than Purely Pediatrics.

When it comes to integrative infant, child, and adolescent care, it's important to seek out specialized medical professionals. Pediatricians specifically study the growth and development of humans at young ages. This knowledge allows us to monitor your child's progress from the beginning and give advice based on his or her specific stage of development. Because children often present with different symptoms than adults and are not as capable of expressing their body's feelings, it can take a specialist to recognize the signs and symptoms to look for in their youngest patients. 


Our dedicated team is ready to provide your infant, child, and adolescent with personalized pediatric medical services. 

Infant Care

Parenthood is an exciting but stressful adventure. New parents typically have a lot of questions or concerns for their baby's doctor, and getting the right answers is imperative to the safety and well-being of your child. Our office provides comprehensive infant care for babies across the greater Buffalo, NY area. Whether you are bringing your baby to us for a routine visit or if you suspect a problem, our team will provide comprehensive care to address any issues and give you peace of mind. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about the newest and littlest member of your family! 

Not Your Typical Children's Physician!

Services at Purely Pediatrics may be unlike many that you are familiar with in a typical pediatric office.  We do not bill your insurance plan for our comprehensive services.  The membership fee will cover any examinations, procedures, in-house laboratory services, and virtual communication. You may use your insurance plan coverage for services such as ER visits, Urgent Care visits, imaging, laboratory services, medications, and specialist consultations. Purely Pediatrics simply does not rely on your insurance plan to cover or dictate our basic primary care services.


 Well and Sick Visits

We are able to care for your children when they are ill, but also would like to keep them healthy.  There will be regular wellness visits, and more frequent follow-ups as needed to keep your children happy and healthy. 


We can perform many basic in-house labs during your visit to our Buffalo, NY area office. You will have full access to our medical team by phone, text, or email at anytime.


For urgent matters after 4 pm, parents are encouraged to call or text the membership number to ensure fast consultation regarding your child. There will be no answering service- only personal access to the medical team who best knows you and your child.  Every membership family receives an exclusive membership number that provides direct access to our medical team.


 Access to Our Infant Care Specialists

 If you are expecting and would like us to care for your infant after delivery, please call us as soon as possible during your pregnancy.  We will discuss your potential delivery date and discuss whether we will be a good fit for you and your little one.  We have a very limited number of monthly newborn memberships available. 


We have a Lactation Consultant on our pediatric team that will be able to connect with our parents prenatally, as well as postnatally. Lactation Consultants are able to support breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and any challenges that may arise with either feeding strategy.

We will want to examine your baby shortly after the delivery date; we will measure your baby's length, weight, and head circumference, observe their vision/hearing/reflexes, and answer any questions you might have. Our team is ready to help you navigate this new stage of life as confidently as possible. 


Quality Time at Every Appointment

During your child's appointment, the focus will be on you and your child. There will be no rushing for any visit! Appointments will be scheduled for 30-60 minute sessions, depending on the reason for the visit. It is most important that every question is answered, and you are comfortable with the care of your child after you leave the office. 



Same or next-day appointments will be our goal. Although we will be closed on weekends and holidays to spend time with our families, having remote access to our medical team will allow for continued continuity of care for your children at all times.  You will be quite surprised at how many times direct communication with us can prevent the need for a sick visit!

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