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Membership Information

*We are so grateful for the interest in our unique model of care.  We do not offer a waitlist, but do encourage you to contact us if you are considering joining our practice in the future. We are a small pediatric practice, and promise to stay that way.  This means that we will often have very limited new enrollments, but attempt to offer membership to others when space allows. Thank you for your patience* 


We have a limited number of monthly newborn enrollments and are at capacity until the Winter of 2024. If you are expecting and are due Winter 2024 and beyond, a big congratulations to you! Please be sure to call us as soon as possible to let us know of your intention to have our team care for your little one. 

Would you be interested in receiving parental support from us?  Please download our free application 'Mother Collective' using the Google Play or Apple App Store links present on our homepage!

Membership means we serve you, not your insurance company



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For those wishing to join our integrative pediatric practice, we have worked hard to ensure that convenient, personalized care provided by Dr. Sue, Taylor, and Nurse Kathy is available to every family wishing for this type of service for their children. The monthly fee is not only affordable, but also comprehensive for the majority of services provided for your child during all well and sick visits.  The membership fee also includes full access to our medical team anytime using text, phone, or email. 

Instead of an answering service, experience the ability to communicate directly with Dr. Sue and the staff at Purely Pediatrics when you have a question or a concern.  This accessibility to your medical team may be one of the most valuable services that we provide to our membership families. You will be truly surprised at how affordable excellent medical care can be for your children when you join a membership-based practice such as Purely Pediatrics.  Please contact us to inquire about our unique integrative pediatric care and low monthly membership fees. We offer a variety of pricing tiers based on the age of your child.


For families with more than three children, there will be no membership charge past the first three monthly memberships.  We are hoping that this structure of membership will allow larger families desiring the personalized care that we offer to join us.  Every parent and child deserves quality, personalized care. If it is decided that a family no longer wants to be a member of Purely Pediatrics at any time, we only ask for a 30 day notice.

Please call us if you are interested in learning more about our membership program, and whether we are accepting new enrollments at that time. We do place holds on new enrollments when needed to best care for our current membership families. Purely Pediatrics is a work in progress, with our membership families considered an important part of our team. We will always be interested in questions, concerns, or suggestions to help make our clinic the best choice for you. We would like every family desiring to be members of the Purely Pediatrics family to have the opportunity to join us. 

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