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Comprehensive Integrative Infant Care Services for Buffalo, NY, Lewiston, NY
& the Surrounding Areas

All infants need dedicated health care from the moment they are first born. Research has shown that babies who receive specialized and individualized health care services when they need them are more likely to be healthy later in life. While your doctor monitors your baby's health before it's born, that will change immediately afterwards.


Our office provides comprehensive infant care for babies across the greater Buffalo, NY area, including Lewiston; we are happy to address any questions or concerns you might have about the newest and littlest member of your family. Give us a call well before your due date as we have limited monthly memberships available for newborns at this time. 

Setting the Standard of Infant Care in WNY

Your baby's first year of life will include many doctor visits. Typically, the hospital or birth center where you deliver will notify us of the birth; we will then schedule a first visit for your newborn, usually within 3-5 days of coming home from the hospital to get their infant care started right away. During the first office visit, we will perform a complete exam. We will also measure your infant's length, weight, and head circumference and observe his or her vision, hearing, and reflexes.


We will want to know about your baby's eating and sleeping habits. We use a unique integrative approach to provide the most comprehensive care to our patients and their families. This integrative approach includes lifestyle strategies, nutrition, emotional wellness, complimentary therapies, and mindfulness. Wellness visits are a great time to ask any questions you might have about caring for your infant, as well as what to expect in the coming months.

Our integrative children's physician is equipped to set the standard of infant care throughout Lewiston, Buffalo, and the rest of Western New York. We not only provide the required infant care that your newborn child needs, but we also provide insight, advice, and support to new parents who may be having difficulty or uncertainty adjusting into their new role.


Becoming parents is not an easy feat, and completing all the necessary infant care appointments can feel overwhelming, which is why we try to provide assistance in anyway that we can. We provide comprehensive infant care from the moment of your child's birth, offering new parents the resources they need to approach this new adventure with confidence.  

Contact Our Integrative Infant Care Professionals Throughout Lewiston, NY & Buffalo, NY Today!

At Purely Pediatrics, we are committed to giving each patient the top standard in medical care from a young age. Everyone deserves excellent medical coverage, especially infants. Our infant care team provides comprehensive medical exams, periodic monitoring, and extra services depending on your individual baby's specific needs.


We can recognize early warning signs for potential problems and take quick action to address the situation as soon as possible. Our children's physician will listen to your concerns, answer any questions you might have, and do our due diligence to give your child the best care available.


We understand that babies cannot describe their symptoms or advocate for themselves, so we make sure to carefully assess each patient during both well and sick visits. Whether you're bringing your infant to our office for a routine visit or to address a concern, we will do everything we can to keep him or her healthy and thriving.


Our office is conveniently located in Lewiston to serve patients from throughout the Buffalo, NY area. Reach out to us today to learn more about our integrative pediatric medical practice and our current ability to accept new enrollments.

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