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Welcome to Purely Pediatrics! 

*Please note: We will re-open active enrollment in the Fall of 2023 in order to best care for the many newborns joining us this Summer! 

Please fill out our email request form below if you would like to be notified when we are able to start taking new enrollments. 

Providing our best care to our membership families is of primary importance to us.

We work very hard to be worth the wait!

Welcome To Purely Pediatrics

Welcome To Purely Pediatrics

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My goal as a pediatrician

My goal as a children's physician and infant care specialist is to treat every child like my own.  I cannot think of anything more rewarding than to create a partnership with children and their families to encourage good health and wellness.  This is why I am offering an innovative model of pediatric medical care called Direct Primary Care.


The direct primary care model of medical care is simple- to provide personal, transparent, comprehensive care that is affordable and accessible. Physicians offering direct primary care no longer work for the insurance companies. Instead, they work for their patients and families. Families pay a small monthly membership fee that allows them full access to their physician. 

Meet Dr. Sue!

Mom, Pediatrician, Physical Therapist, Lactation Counselor, and Fellow at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine. 


Office visits are scheduled for 30-60 minutes each, allowing optimal communication and care at every visit.  Well and sick visits are provided, as well as basic laboratory tests that are run in the clinic.  Although direct primary care models do not utilize insurance for the majority of services, families still can use their insurance plan for extensive laboratory testing, hospitalization, urgent care visits, medications, or imaging. 

Direct primary care also includes unlimited texting, email, and telephone calls to allow for medical direction and care remotely.  Visits to the office are not always needed with such use of technology, which makes this model of care very convenient for families.  Due to such a personalized approach, the patient care base is much smaller than at traditional medical practices. 


Personalized pediatric medical care for Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas


Offering direct, efficient communication with our membership families via text

When you first walk into our office, you  will feel instantly welcomed by our peaceful, home-like atmosphere.

Dr. Sue, Dr. Taylor & Nurse Kathy have truly created a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all of our membership families.

Please take a virtual tour of our incredible space in a beautiful historic home located in the heart of the village of Lewiston, NY.

Dedicated, compassionate care

Our dedicated team is able to provide patients and families with the best possible pediatric medical service, with a personalized touch. If you are looking for an experienced pediatric care provider in the Lewiston, Buffalo, or surrounding areas, please get in touch with us!


We appreciate your interest in our clinic, and cannot wait to serve you, your children and your family! Contact us through email located on our contact page, or by completing the pre-registration application present on the membership page. Our clinic phone number is 716-205-3282 as well. Thank you for taking the time to browse through our webpage. We look forward to meeting you!



Dr. Sue

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