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Parenting Mentorship

 Parenting truly consists of a ripple effect. Our mindset, self care, expectations, and sense of self all flow into our parenting strategies.  Parenting starts within ourselves, and when it does we create an unbelievable connection with our children. Register to be a member of this new parenting membership to be immersed in support and connection.

*be immersed in total support and connection


This unique parenting community will include virtual connection with Dr. Sue and other parent members TWICE monthly for one hour!   These connection calls are a beautiful way to receive support that you may need to share your wins or to ask for advice. This connection allows stories and strategies to be shared that will honor our own individual parenting journeys.  During these calls you have the full attention and support of Dr. Sue as well as other parents participating in the call. 

*virtual connection with Dr. Sue and other parent members twice monthly


This beautiful parenting membership at $55/month will also include a convenient private group for member communication through a beautiful online community platform.  Within this group, you will find opportunity for connection at anytime with other parent members as well as a growing number of resources and content that you may refer to whenever needed. Dr. Sue has been known to provide some surprises such as gifts of her favorite books, short inspirational videos, and reminders of just how wonderful you are by being YOU!  You may cancel at anytime, so this is a no-risk opportunity. 

*opportunity for connection at anytime with other parent members

A Safe Space to Grow as a Parent

A Unique Parenting Experience

A Unique Parenting Experience

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It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. 

Our parenting mentorship program was designed to give you support and connection with like-minded parents.

If you have been looking for your parenting village, you are right where you belong.

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